Aghanim is a Command Client for create Discord bots with Eris in NodeJS based on Yuuko

Author : Desvelao^^ Version: v0.2.0


  • Add Commands/Subcommands and Components from files or directories
  • Support for Subcommands (Command should be exist)
  • Builtin commands requirements or define yours
  • Define Commands as objects or use Command class
  • Define Components as object or a class that extends of Component class
  • Define methods to run in some Eris events automatically with your Components

Using the bot

Usage information for the bot (the usable commands, default configuration, and other help topics) can be found here.

Using the package

Aghanim's core is only available at Github repository. It extends Eris and is basically an alternative to its CommandClient class.


$ npm install --save Desvelao/aghanim # npm
$ yarn add Desvelao/aghanim # yarn

# Dev branch
$ npm install --save Desvelao/aghanim#dev # npm
$ yarn add Desvelao/aghanim#dev # yarn


const Aghanim  = require('aghanim')
const { Command, Component }  = require('aghanim')

const client = new Aghanim(
	'your_bot_token', // Token used to auth your bot account
  		prefix: 'a!', // Prefix used to trigger commands

client.addCategory('Fun','Fun commands')

const pingCommand = new Command('ping', {
  category : 'Fun', help : 'Get Pong!', args : ''},
  async function(msg, args, client, command) {


// Component:
class MyComponent extends Component{
	constructor(client, options) {
		super(client) // this.client is Aghanim Client instance. You can use in other methods
	ready(client){ // method fired in client.on('ready', handler) by default of this component. Each component can add handlers for events.
		console.log('My component is ready')
	messageCreate(msg, args, client, command){ // method fired in client.on('messageCreat', handler).
		console.log(`Message: ${msg.content}`)
		// this.client is Aghanim Client instance. You can use it here


// Bot connent
$ node index.js